Six Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

Six Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations – If your wedding is just around the corner and you’re stuck for an inspiration on how to decorate your wedding tables, then read on for a little inspiration. Delivering your wedding tables does not have to be a costly task, with the power of the internet, you can search online in minutes for a glamorous inspiration to get the head hidden. Ideas that will make your wedding reception worthy of a Hollywood A-Lister.

Petals of rose

The spread of rose petals on each table adds a romantic and warm touch to your place. It’s a lot more elegant than scattering cheap confetti and it’s not too expensive. The use of dark red, pale pink and white colors creates a beautiful color palette that will allow customers to become familiar with the details.


Although towels are mainly for practical purposes, they can be an excellent weapon in your arsenal to create a wedding table decoration. There are all kinds of whimsical ways that you can fold your napkin into a piece of ornamental rot. Try to put your towels around the outside of the glasses and bend it around so that it gives a quality almost like a flower.


Candles are a great addition to any wedding table and they can also serve as cheap wedding favors for your guests at home too. If your wedding hall is dark and moody candles can create a truly effective enchanting light almost as if it was an event straight out of a fairy tale. You can get almost any type of candle on the theme so matching them to your theme should not be too difficult a task.


OK, you may have raised an eyebrow to this one, but your wedding chairs should be part of your wedding table decor and general theme rather than being simple. accessory to sit. You can turn any chair by simply attaching a colored ribbon around the back and making a bow.

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The center of the table

Obviously no wedding table is fully decorated without having some kind of masterpiece as the focal point of the table. You can match this to your wedding theme and opt for something more generic like a vase of flowers. Gerbera daisies and Calla lilies are still popular choices because they cause elegance, nature and class.

Favor Boxes

A nice touch to your wedding table decor could be finely crafted gift boxes. It’s easy to take them online in all kinds of wonderful formats such as heart shapes, handbag favor boxes and custom glass jars etc. They are perfect for popping a few small candies in the guests to take with them. Styling with a matching ribbon of the same color that you have chosen for the chairs can make a nice little gem to sit on your tables and make your guests happy with the magical content contained in the box of favors.